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Values and Ethos

Bardfield Academy is a caring school that provides a safe, secure and happy learning environment. We believe in our ethos ‘Striving to Achieve, Together we’ll Succeed!” Together with parents and the wider community, our vision is to teach all the children to become independent, resilient, motivated learners and responsible members of society. Ensuring equal opportunities for all, we believe that every child is special and has the right to fulfil his or her potential without fear or prejudice. Our aim is to create a rich learning environment enabling every child to feel successful and fulfil his or her potential. We are committed to the highest possible educational standards whilst being mindful of the personal growth and development of each child here. Every parent has the right to expect this and has a responsibility to support the school in achieving it.

Children will:

  • be encouraged to ask questions, to be curious and to foster a love of learning.

  • have access to a rich, varied curriculum that provides challenge and is relevant to their needs and abilities

  • be provided with opportunities to develop their individual potential: intellectual, physical, creative, moral and social

  • develop a sense of purpose, responsibility and self-discipline

  • learn to praise, encourage and value one another, regardless of position, race, gender or disability

  • be taught to treat each other with consistency and fairness

Our children are keen to come to school and enjoy their lessons, stimulated by excellent teachers who have very high expectations of them. We offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities and clubs, and work very closely with various different projects in the community. We work in collaboration with the other schools within South Essex Academy Trust, where we work together to ensure all schools within the Trust are offering the best provision and quality of teaching and learning.