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Paper copies of all our policies are available on request, for free, from the school office.

We have a range of policies, statements and documents which we use to guide the effective operation of the school.  Some of them appear in specific parts of the website related to the area in which they apply (for example, see the “Curriculum” tab for our Curriculum Policy, or the ‘SEN‘ tab for our SEND Policy).  In this section, we have tried to capture other documents that may be useful or that explain in a transparent and accountable way how we operate in the academy.  Some of these documents are statutory, but we have included others that may have useful information to help you understand how the school operates.

In addition, as we are part of the South Essex Academy Trust, there are a number of policies that apply to all of the academies in the Trust.  They are available via the link below.

South Essex Academy Trust Policies

Bardfield Academy Policies