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Here at Bardfield, our classrooms are warm, colourful and well resourced. Our children thrive in an environment of creative learning.

They also have the opportunities to work in small groups both in and away from the classroom setting.

Our Nursery outside area is a fabulous area, where the children spend a lot of their time learning through creative play. There are many opportunities for them to play, invent, develop their imagination and enhance their social skills.

We have many areas for the children to discover and share. Areas to socialise, or quietly reflect and places to picnic at lunchtime during the warmer months.

The Bardfield library is well resourced with colourful and imaginatively designed furnishings and is extremely popular with the children. All classes are able to use the library at various times during the week and children are encouraged to choose a wide range of material to read, alongside their regular Accelerated Reading scheme books. We occasionally have after school library sessions too, which the children are very enthusiastic about!

In EYFS we firmly believe that much of the children’s learning is obtained through constructive and imaginative play – hence our fabulous outside area. The area is safely enclosed with colourful fencing to match the colourful resources available. The children are allocated specific time during their day to incorporate some ‘outside’ learning time, where they are encouraged to develop important social skills and creativity.