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Learning Links

Want some new ideas for reading at home with your child? Looking for ways to help your child with Reading, Writing, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar? Check out these websites, which include a wealth of ebooks, top tips for engaging the reluctant reader and a wealth of information to help you to support your child.

Oxford OwlSpelling, Punctuation & Grammar
Oxford Owl for Home has everything parents need to know about the type of assessments that their children will be taking, with expert advice on how to help at home. This includes support around the Grammar, punctuation and spelling test with videos looking at ‘What is the test?’, ‘How can I help?’ and ‘Grammar: the basics’.

Words For Life
Find a wealth of ebooks and ideas for engaging your child in reading outside of school.

Oxford Owl
Join Oxford Owl to be able to access dozens of ebooks for FREE!

The new curriculum brings many exciting new changes and challenges. BBC Bitesize has updated it’s revision site to include all aspects of the new curriculum. Choose your Key Stage, your subject and then enjoy investigating with your children!

New BBC Bitesize
Bitesize has changed! New content and fun ways to learn and revise.

Computing CurriculumCoding
Coding is nothing new, everything around us needs some sort of code to work. Have a look at how to program a robot!

Computing CurriculumAlgorithms
Code tells a computer what to do, but before that you need an algorithm (a list of rules to follow in order to solve a problem). Learn more here!

Kids’ Zone

The Kids Zone on the children’s page also has some fun and educational learning games for the children. Worth a visit too!