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KS2 Benchball

In year 3 we first played against children in our own class. The winner was then able to play against the other class. The winning team in Emerald Class was Team 1 – Jimmy, Maisy, Stephanie, Zack and and Harry. The winning team in Scarlet Class was Blue Team – Romany, Remi, Leighton, Aaron, Joshua and Daniel. Overall Blue Team in Scarlet won.

After that, Blue Team played the winning team in Year 4 – Diamond class. Their winning team was; Aimee, Kimi, Max, Sireen, Louie  and Max.

The overall winner was Year 4 – Diamond class but it was very close!

The year 5/6 games were equally exciting with all teams competing to win!  Amber Class had the winning team for Year 5, but in Year 6, Platinum were the overall winners.