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Bronze Class

We would like to welcome you to Bronze Class.  We are an extremely hard working year group and hope you enjoy viewing (and taking part in) some of the exciting, challenging activities we will be tackling this year.

Miss Middleton

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Year 6 News, Letters and Information

Let’s Achieve!

We always welcome your support in helping your child achieve, so please do encourage them to complete their homework, learn their spellings and practice their times tables.  Striving to achieve, together we’ll succeed!

We have a very strong focus on Reading, so please support us by hearing your child read regularly.  Our Accelerated Reading program encourages them to become avid readers with the children being able to take quizzes on their books to demonstrate their understanding of the text.

SATs Breakfast – The children loved coming in to school and sharing breakfast, laughter and chat with their friends and teachers, before showing how brilliant they are in their SATs.  Take a look at some of the photos…


Summer Term

Our reading text for this half term is Kensukes Kingdom.  It is the story of a boy and  his dog who were washed up on an uninhabited island…… but is it?  Ask the children to tell you the story.

During the afternoons of this week as a break from the SATs, the children have been using the cardboard and the cardboard tubes you kindly donated, the children have constructed replicas of Kensukes Island. The children will then use them as a visual creative prompt for their writing next week.  We will upload some of the work for you to read when it is complete.    I think you’ll agree, they look great!


Our reading focus for this half term is Jason and the Argonauts.  This links in with our Greek topic theme also.  We have read the text and used that to inspire our creative writing in preparation for our forthcoming SATs.  The children’s writing is improving steadily and we are so proud of the standard of writing they are achieving.

Science and Engineering Week

We invited out parents and carers in for a fun activity during Science & Engineering week -we created our very own wave machine, using kebab sticks, jelly babies and sticky tape!  I think our visitors enjoyed it as much as we did! Through thoughtful discussion, we were able to predict what would happen to the wave when we pulsed one end of the machine to create a disturbance. We made predictions and observed what happened to the wave as we tried different methods of pulsing the wave.

Try constructing your own wave machine!  ⇐ Click here.


We have been so lucky to be able to learn how to use the djembe drums. The djembe is a very popular hand drum from West Africa.  We have learnt about how to change the beat and rhythm with ‘tones’ and ‘slaps’.  We created our beats and performed them to each other. We also tried to copy and add to the rhythm created by each group. It was great fun!

Autumn 2

Out reading text in English this term is Pavana’s Journey – the story of a young refugee girl in search of her mother in the minefields of Afghanistan.  We are exploring the characters thoughts, feelings and personalities as their journey progresses.


In our PE sessions we have been learning the techniques of Boxercise.  Take a look at the photos below to see how controlled we are.

Autumn 1

Our topic this half term has been the Civilisations.  We have studied the text Weslandia, which is the story of a unique and rather lonely boy called Wesley, who triumphs over his loneliness by building his own civilisation and gains many new friends along the way.

 Our Mayan masks

We had great fun working together to create our own Mayan Masks using Modroc.  I think you will agree, it was a little messy, but LOTS of fun!