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 Welcome to Reception!

We would like to welcome you all to our Reception Classes.    Below you will find a wealth of information about your childs time here.  Our teachers, Miss Platt (acting EYFS Lead) and Mrs Harvey are happy to answer any questions you may have about your child’s progress through their time in Reception.


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Reception stay & play sessions



Our Learning in Reception

In Reception, we plan activities according to the children’s interests. Every day the children have structured phonic sessions as well as a Maths and English input with the class teacher. When they are not working directly with an adult, the children are able to learn through play whilst still meeting all of the requirements of the EYFS curriculum. Here are some examples of our activities:


The children have been learning to order and compare the capacity of different containers. They are starting to understand the term ‘millilitres’ and use the numerals on each container to increase the accuracy of their measurements.


This activity was set up after several children expressed an interest in dinosaurs. They were able to explore their imaginations while playing with the dinosaurs. They were also taught to extend their vocabulary by learning the names of each dinosaur and different facts – such as identifying herbivores and carnivores.

High Frequency Words

During our phonic sessions, the children are taught to recognise a range of high frequency words by sight. In this photo you can see children taking opportunities to practise spelling the words of the week.


The children have access to iPads once a week and are taught to use educational apps to develop their phonic and maths skills. The children also are beginning to use Purple Mash and are enjoying becoming increasingly independent when using technology. We also teach the children the importance of staying safe online and they have a good understanding of this.

Mud Kitchen

We have a mud kitchen available for all of the children to use in our outside area. The children thoroughly enjoy being creative and often make up their own role-play games when playing here.


Playdough is excellent for developing fine motor skills and the children love using it. The children make their own playdough with the support of an adult and enjoy choosing which colours to use and adding extras like glitter.


The children have access to a range of books in the class and read with an adult at least twice a week. We have been teaching the children to identify the difference between fiction and non-fiction and they now have a good understanding of this.



The children have access to open-ended role-play equipment to encourage them to be creative and develop their own narratives.  We also have a range of dressing up clothes to support children in their play and help develop their independence skills when putting the outfits on.

Science Experiment

There are lots of opportunities to learn about how the world works in Reception and the children love exploring.  We have recently been exploring how the height of a tube affects the distance travelled by a toy car.  The children are beginning to understand what is meant by a fair test.


The children have access to an interactive whiteboard and often use this to play phonic games.  In this photo the children are practising their spelling skills and working together as a team to create each word.


The children are strongly encouraged to work as a team when playing and to solve problems independently.  Here is an example of children working together to create a pirate ship in our outside area.

Maths in Reception

Are you looking for extra ideas to support your child at home? Please click the link below to find out how we support Maths mastery at Bardfield and see our suggestions for activities at home.

Jolly Phonics

At Bardfield Academy, we use Jolly Phonics to learn our sounds.  Click the Jolly Phonics link to see videos showing the pronunciation and action for each one:


Our topics change very frequently in Reception as it is all led by the children’s interests. We use a
planning format called ‘planning in the moment’, which enables the curriculum to be adapted to suit each child’s needs. The children are encouraged to be independent in their choice of activities and are taught to self-select their resources. We provide daily challenges for the children and they are also asked to complete an adult-led task twice a week.

Useful Information


PE is on a Wednesday. Please ensure your child has a kit in school on this day. All earrings must be removed in order for your child to participate.

Show and Tell

There is a weekly show and tell slot and you will be sent a letter informing you if it is your child’s turn. Please do not send your child in with anything valuable or sentimental in case it gets lost or is broken. Please remind children that apart from their show and tell item they are not allowed to bring any toys in to school.


Once your child receives their reading book, we would like them to practise their reading every night at home. Please write in their reading record so that we are aware of how they are getting on. Your child will receive a new book every week. As well as reading at home, your child will be read with at school and this will also be recorded in their reading record.

Learning Journey

In Reception, we record the children’s progress in a variety of ways and this is called a Learning Journey. You will have plenty of opportunities throughout the year to come in and view your child’s work. We value the children’s achievements at home as strongly as those at school. We would like to encourage you to send in any photos, or notes, about things you are proud of. Please speak to your child’s class teacher if you have any further questions.


Please be aware that the children are provided with a free, healthy snack every day and have constant access to drinking water in the classroom. If you do send your child in with a drink’s bottle, we politely ask that this is only filled with water. This is in line with our school’s healthy eating policy.