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Attendance News!

At Bardfield Academy we actively encourage our children to attend school regularly and achieve 100% attendance.  We monitor attendance regularly and chart this on our attendance board.  In addition to this we award prizes to those children who attend school regularly.  Those reaching 100% attendance in KS1 and KS2 are entered into our raffle and the winners for the term are awarded a £25 Argos voucher each.


Welcome to the start of a new year!  We are confident our attendance will be as great as last year.


Our attendance league theme this year is based on Jack and the Beanstalk – will you reach the top of the beanstalk and become a 100% attendance winner?

  Summer Term  

The attendance results so far are very exciting:

Academic Year  KS2 – Turquoise have moved up to 4th place

Academic Year  KS1 – Green class is creeping up to Yellow Class

Summer Term   KS2 – Amber have moved up to to 1st place, Scarlet have moved up to 6th place

Summer Term   KS1 – Green class have moved up to 2nd Place (Watch out Yellow Class!), Purple Class have moved up to 5th Place

Attendance News for the Summer Term so far – click here

Attendance News for the Academic year so far – click here

Spring Term


 Attendance News as at 8th February  ⇐ Click here

Attendance League table as at 8th February – (Tuesday 2nd January 2018 until Thursday 29th March 2018)

Attendance League table as at 8th February – (Monday 4th September 2017 until Friday 20th July 2018)

Attendance news as at 25th January   ⇐ Click here  

Attendance so far for the Spring Term 2018 as at 18th January is   93.57% 

Attendance so far for this academic year Sept 2017 – July 2018 is   95.46%


Raffle winners

 Autumn term 2017 winner in KS2 is Chloe B from Amber class  –

Chloe has won a £25.00 Argos gift voucher

 Autumn term 2017 winner in KS1 is Riley M from Orange class  –

Riley has won a £25.00 Argos gift voucher


Autumn Term

Well done everyone!  The Autumn Term saw our best results yet we achieved 95.84% attendance. That’s a whole 1% more than this time last year!!!

Thank you to all of you who made the effort to be in school on time and to Mrs Lofthouse who supports all the children in achieving this.

Below are the lists of pupils who are helping us to achieve this fantastic attendance result:

Autumn Attendance Winners 2017

100% List for the Autumn Term

 We also had 108 children who attended every day compared to 47 last year!!


We have now launched our new award – the No Lates, Extra Breaks award.  For the class who have no children late for school in a week, the whole class are awarded not only a certificate, but an extra break – who will it be this week?

Well done everyone, keep up the good work!