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Amber Class

Welcome to Amber Class with Mrs Wheatley (class teacher).  The children have made a good start to the year and proving how talented they are already!  Please  check back regularly to see some of the things we have been learning about.


Year 5 have made the most of the lovely weather this term to take some of our activities outside.  This term we looked at identifying, measuring and drawing angles in our Maths lessons.


As part of our geography learning this term, year 5 undertook a field trip in the local area.  On Monday 19th March we went on a Geography walk and traffic survey.  We learnt how to use digital maps to plan our route and each one of us chose an area of geography to investigate.


This term, the Essex County Council Road Safety Team came in and worked with Year 5 on road safety.  Although the photos below only show a few of our children, all of Year 5 took part.