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ADHD Support & Information

Some general advice and information about ADHD and where you can get support.

ADHD Support – We are charitable organisation with a primary aim of providing information, support and services to those with ADHD and its many associated and co-existing conditions.
Supporting Your Neurodiverse Child


The ADHD Foundation, in partnership with individuals, families, doctors, teachers and other agencies, works to:
  • Build a positive foundation for life
  • Improve life chances through better understanding and management of ADHD
  • Raise awareness and understanding of ADHD
  • Change the negative perception of ADHD into positive
  • Bring about positive change and inclusion within policy and practice
  • Support schools, GPs, Youth Justice services and other professionals who work with people living with ADHD
  • Support achievement, educational attainment, mental health and employability

Work in partnership with those living with ADHD, and enabling them understand and manage ADHD