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Who’s Who

Interim HeadteacherMiss D Dry
Acting Deputy Headteacher (SENCo)

Acting Assistant Headteacher 

Mrs Cracknell

Mrs S Phipps

South Essex Academy TrustDirectors Information
Office Team LeaderMrs Huggins
The School OfficeMrs Lofthouse

Mrs McAlister

Ms Findlay

Nursery Mrs E Newton (Room Supervisor for age 2 and 3)

Mrs E Lowrie (Room Supervisor for age 2 and 3)

Mrs J Spendiff (TA)

Miss T Saunders (TA)

Miss C Smith (TA)

Reception – Blue ClassMiss M Newnham (Teacher)

Mrs J Leftwich (TA)

Reception -Purple ClassMiss E Platt (Teacher/EYFS Lead)

Miss A Rogers (TA)     

Mrs Harrington (TA)     

Year 1 – Green ClassMrs Phipps (Acting Assistant Headteacher)

Mrs K Sear (TA/MDA)

Year 1 – Red ClassMiss Phillips(Teacher)

Mrs K Grant (TA/MDA)                   

Year 2 – Orange ClassMiss H Weston (Teacher)

  Vacancy (TA)                              

Year 2 – Yellow ClassMr Patient (Teacher)

Mrs M Merrion (TA/ MDS)

Year 3 – Diamond ClassMr Borg(Teacher)

Mrs L Parker (TA/ MDS)                                    

Year 3 – Sapphire ClassMiss K Smith (Teacher)

Mrs C Banham (TA/MDA)

Mrs Sheard (HLTA) 

Year 4 – Turquoise ClassMr Alcock (Teacher)

 Miss Rose (TA/MDA)                            

Year 4 – Amber ClassMiss Black (Teacher)

Mr Vine (TA/MDA)                                 

Year 5 – Scarlet ClassMrs E Terrell (Teacher)

Miss L Futter (TA/MDA)

Year 5 – Emerald ClassMiss C Stow (Teacher)

Mrs B Mottram (TA)

Year 6 – Bronze ClassMiss K Pashley (Teacher)

Miss L VanBerkum (Teacher) Bronze/Platinum

Mrs G Parkinson (TA/ MDA)

Mrs A Wiredu (TA/MDA)                     

Year 6 – Platinum ClassMiss S Landsborough (Teacher)

Mrs D Andlaw (TA/ICT)

Miss L Limage (TA)


Other members of staff include:Mrs E Bigden (TA/MDA) 

Miss Lily Smith – TA/MDA

HLTA’s:Mrs S Sheard

Mrs J Brown

School CounsellorMrs K Newman
Wellbeing Hub ProvisionMrs K Turner

Mrs A Smith

Site ManagerMr Mount
 Catering Manager Mr D Gale
Catering TeamMrs Cossington

Miss Amanda Kotze

Ms Stevens

Mrs Taverner

Mrs Stock-Baker

Mrs Thompson