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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development

At Bardfield Academy, British values are modelled and promoted through our enriching curriculum and extra-curricular activities. We are committed to promoting these values and, in September 2015, the whole school community, created and voted on our new school ethos:

‘Striving to Achieve, Together we’ll Succeed!’

We actively create opportunities which expose the pupils to learn, explore and apply these British values of democracy, tolerance, individual liberty, mutual respect and the rule of law.

Democracy: Meet our new school council. Our pupils have spoken; the votes are in and we now have new school councillors. We had to come up with words that we think links to our role. We are already working on asking our classes to come up with new school dinner options. We think the menu could be improved 🙂

Mutual Respect: As a school we have come up with directions to the town of Bullyfree – watch out for falling names and drive past dirty looks avenue! This display shows all the great tips the children came up with. Remember we want everyone to feel safe and happy at school – and WE can all make that happen 🙂

Individual Liberty: KS2 have been given choices to come up with ingredients that make a happy school. All these characteristics are free; which ones would you choose from our Bardfield Supermarket? Each class agreed on their qualities and decorated them on our containers. Happy shopping!

What we do at our school to promote SMSC