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The School Day

Welcome Back Letter September 2021

Please note the changes to the school day in the document above.

The Nursery

Nursery AM session Gold:- Drop off 8.40am at Nursery
Pick up 11.40am at gate by KS1 playground

Nursery PM session Silver:- Drop off 12.15pm at gate by KS1 playground
Pick up 3.15pm at Nursery


Doors open at 8:35-8:45 am.

Finish:  Monday to Thursday 2:55 pm Friday 1:25 pm


Doors open at 8:40 am.  Registration at 8.50 am
Finish:- Monday to Thursday 2.50 pm / Friday 1:30 pm


Doors open at 8.30 am. Registration at 8:40 am
Finish: Monday to Thursday 3.00 pm / Friday 1:35 pm